Victoria Composers Collective


Why Can’t Minimal: Do This?

September 30 2016, Open Space, Victoria

Bottle Piece #2 – Lynne Penhale
the keeper of sheep
– Alex Jange
– Hollas Longton
– Dave Riedstra
– Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins
das Baby
– Nathan Friedman

Prior Art

July 27 2016, Wood Hall, Victoria Conservatory of Music

火 藥/Fire Medicine – Janet Sit*
]    [
– Dave Riedstra*
String Quartet #2
– Annette Brosin
city + city
– Liam Ross Gibson*
Six Songs
– Justin Boechler
Some of them were superstitious
– Nolan Krell
Looking through Blue Glass
– Ryan M Hemphill*

WOODSTOCKHAUSEN: New Music for Rock Band

April 28 2016, The Copper Owl, Victoria


Nolan Krell – (our homes are not the kinds of places you could own)*


Nolan Krell – (glueing these birds to your arms has been great but I’ve grown to hate you.)*
Lynne Penhale – Immortality*
Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins – About Gesang der Jünglinge*
Dave Riedstra – ǁǁǁ‖∣∣‖‖∣‖∥ǀǁ∣ǁǁ*
Liam Gibson – i n s i d e o f g h o s t s*
Alex Jang – the collins overland telegraph trail*
Annette Brosin – Percept*
Nathan Friedman – Die Kunst der Funk*

2nd Annual Oak Bay New Music Festival

February 13 2016, St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Victoria

Concert 1:

Julio Lopezhiler – solstice, tomatillo*
Nathan Friedman – La ſelle d’ærain (selections)*
Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins – Stella Splendens*
Lynne Penhale – Sea Saw*
Hollas Longton – Landscape with Train Whistle

Concert 2:

Natalie Dzbik – Chansons pour l’Hiver
Alex Jang – lake or fog*
Nolan Krell – Some of them were superstitious
Kimberley Manerikar – On Agnes Martin
Justin Boechler – Six Songs