Victoria Composers Collective

Past Seasons


May 18 2017, Copper Owl, Victoria

After Henry Flynt – For Cassandra – Christopher Reiche
distributed tourism – Alex Jang
Electromagnetic: II. Microwave – Seán Maynard
La ſynagogue ſterile IIa – Nathan Friedman
Avanzi col capo voltato sempre all’indietro? – oppure: – Ciò che vedi è sempre alle tue spalle? – o meglio: – Il tuo viaggio si svolge solo nel passato? – Nolan Krell
Palästinalied: Schoeniu Land & Hie Liez – Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins

3nd Annual Oak Bay New Music Festival

February 11 2017, St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Victoria

Internecine – Nathan Friedman
Estival – Sylvia Rickard
Inconsistencies No. 2 – Christopher Reiche
For Leo – Hollas Longton
2 Ricercars – Alex Klassen
Binary Solo – Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins
Peace River – Lynne Penhale
Don’t forget (the things that really matter) – Natalie Dzbik
The continuum of something/nothing – Kristy Farkas
a gray, bent interior horizon – Alex Jang
Waterscapes – Diane Berry