Victoria Composers Collective

May 15, 2015

Guest House: glassclothwoodmetal & other materials

11279995_10203803138433146_1320106448_oOn Saturday May 23, at 7 p.m. the Victoria Composers Collective will present glassclothwoodmetal & other materials as a part of Open Space’s Guest House series. glassclothwoodmetal & other materials is a showcase of recent works for voice by a selection of young and emerging Canadian composers curated by composer Janet Sit. This concert is a great introduction to Canadian and contemporary new music. The concert will include recent compositions by Dave Riedstra, Janet Sit, Lynne Penhale, Nolan Krell, Nathan Friedman, Alex Jang, Maria Eduarda Martins, Kim Shepherd, and Liam Gibson.

In the words of the Victoria Composers Collective: “glassclothwoodmetal & other materials presents a diversity of sounds possibly related only by the resonating bodies [the instruments and singers] in which they find themselves.” Come and discover the possibilities of the human voice in survey of vocal works by the up-and-coming composers in Victoria.

Admission by donation. (Suggested Donation $10)





Concert Programme:
Sound Communion – Maria Eduarda Martins
O tu, che porti nelli occhi sovente – Liam Gibson
Emruz (امروز) – Janet Sit
Hmm – Lynne Penhale
6! x 4^6 x 21 – Nolan Krell
——–— – Dave Riedstra
momentary encounters (3) – Alex Jang
Four Domestics – Nathan Friedman
Firm Resolve – Kimberley Shepherd